So Amazing!

What a last few days these have been! Being able to hold Jonah and feed him and watch him laying in Kelsey’s arms has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. Jonah is doing well. He’s pooping, peeing, breathing. He has been put in the graduate nursery which is super great. The shunt that was put in is really helping with the extra fluid in his head. He still needs some care. We can not take him home until he is gaining weight and he is holding his own temperature up and his Jaundice is gone. Yes, I didn’t mention that yet, but yeah he has Jaundice, which if your not familiar with it, it is not a big deal.

We are very blessed to have Jonah in our lives and the staff at the hospital taking care of him. And we have been very blessed by the amazing support we have recieved from everyone.

There was a little boy in NICU that came in that is 24 weeks gestation. He is so tiny. Kelsey and  I have been praying for this little boy named Landon and his family when we pray Jonah and we wanted to ask people to be praying for this little boy and his mom and dad and the rest of the family. And please continue to pray for Jonah and Kelsey. Pray for a speedy and healthy recovery for Kelsey and Jonah, they both had very serious surgery. Please continue to pray for Jonahs overall healing and health and development. And please add Landon to the list! Thank you all for your support and prayers!

If any of this does not make sense I apologize, I haven’t slept in the last four days but a wink here and there so I’m a little delirious. But I wanted to give an update.




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