Delivery Day!!

So here we are, the night before Kelsey is having a C-section. What a wild ride we have been on over the last couple of months. There has been so much joy and happiness mixed with fear and uncertainty. And here we are the night before we get to meet our precious baby boy Jonah.

The C-section is scheduled for 8am, we have to be at the hospital at 6am. Poor Kelsey can’t eat or drink anything after midnight (I don’t think she’ll notice it being on ambien, she was saying crazy things in her sleep last night). After Jonah is born if the C-Section goes well, I will go with Jonah to the Nicu. If there are any complications with the C-section or Kelsey justs wants me to stay with her for any reason, I will just have to trust the doctors to take care of our baby.

Jonah will get some time out of eutoro before he has to go into surgery. The pediatric neuro surgeoun will be there in the morning to evaluate Jonah and give us a clearer picture of what is actually going on inside of his little head. Jonah will most likely have surgery around or after 2 pm.

The 4 mile stones tommorow that I am hoping for are these. First, I want to hear Jonahs sweet baby cry. Second, I want to hear that  Kelsey surgery went very well. Third I want to hear that Jonah has aquaductal stinosis (or that he is perfectly healed, that would work better). And finally I want the Neuro Surgeoun to come out of the operating room with Jonah and tell me his surgery went very well, and that he is a fighter!

Kelsey and I want to thank all of our Family and Friends who have been a tremndous support for us throught this trying and scary time. Please continue to pray for us. It is not too late for Jonah to be healed. Pray for Kelseys heart and peace and for her surgery to go well, and please pray for Jonahs safety as well!

In Love,



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