The doctors appointment did not go the way we wanted it to. I just dont get it, we have been praying non stop and so have so many other people!! is it my lack of faith that my son is not healed? Im so confused. He is showing good signs that his brain is still functioning and everything else still looks fine but I’m upset because I believed God was going to heal him before this appointment! is it my lack of faith thats keeping this from happening? If so please God take it out on me not on Jonah!! Im trying so hard to trust in God but it is the most exhausting thing trusting in something you cannot see and sometimes cannot feel. I know God is there and he is good but sometimes he answers prayers with a “no” and I cant accept that his answer will be no to healing my son. My heart has never desired something so much more than to heal my son. I have prayed for many things, and never have I been so persistent. I will continue to Pray but that does not mean I’m not angry. Because I am. I am angry that this has to happen to ANYONE and that there is so much evil in this world. And I am angry because God doesn’t always intervene and we wont know why. Please God intervene here!!! I cant do this anymore! I am so exhausted from worrying. I sit at my computer at work and stare and my mind goes blank, I dont know if its a defense mechanism but it’s like I just cant think anymore. My mind is numb and I feel as though my spirit is numb. Help me Lord ! heal my son and hear my cry! I cannot take this, I’m trying to be strong and have faith but after every appointment when the circumstances keep getting worse it’s really hard!!!


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  1. I am so sorry about what you are going through.

    I know God has heard your prayer because he only asks that 2 or more agree and you have that.

    Know that I am praying for you and your son.

  2. I read your frustrations, and my heart cries out for you because I can feel your pain and anger. All I can tell you is to hold fast, dear ones. Your savior CAN be trusted to give you the best of the best for you and your son! Rest in him. He’s got you. He’s got Jonah. We love you.

  3. I’m on the Care Team at Pathways Church. I have been praying for your son since I got the prayer request e-mail.
    Have you ever seen the movie “Facing the Giants”? A great movie made by a church. It’s a great reminder to trust God no matter what and that He asks us to love Him no matter what. Sometimes He will test us to see if we are going to love Him even if He doesn’t give us everything we want, because He wants us to put Him first (before anything else we want). I know this because my family has gone through some really tough times and some battles that we felt like we lost, but in the end God was teaching us to trust Him and “lean not on our own understanding.” Only He knows what is best for us because His wisdom is perfect.
    So, be encouraged. Many people are praying for you. You just have to give it up to the Lord and trust Him with the outcome, no matter what that might be.

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