Our Miracle Baby!

Wow! We are so blessed! We went to the doctors for Jonahs CT scan today and the appointment could not have been better! The day Jonah was born, they did an ultra sound and saw that there was no brain mass because of the fluid build up. Well today, the CT scan showed a fully developed brain. We can not express how grateful we are for everyone’s prayer and support! We had thousands of people praying for Jonah from all over the world and we know that God has heard our prayer and made our son whole! Thank you Jesus!

Love, Patrick and Kelsey!

The pictures below are not from Jonah, but they show exactly the difference in what Jonahs brain looked like the day he was born, and today! If you look at the ultra sound you can see how large to ventricles are becasue of the amount of fluid in them, which means the fluid is there and not the brain.


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