Praise God, He Heard Our Cry!

On August 17th around 9:30am Jonah Patrick Allen came into this world kicking and screaming weighing 6lbs 7ounces. Let me tell you, the first time you hear your sweet baby cry it will melt your heart. That was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.
After we got to hold him for just a brief moment, Jonah was taken off to the NICU, and not much later taken into surgery. He ended up spending over 3 weeks in the hospital. The biggest issue we had while we were in the hospital was getting him to eat on his own, in retrospect that was the least of our worries considering all of the fears we were facing during the pregnancy. At about 3 weeks Jonahs eating light bulb turned on and he started eating everything on his own. Two days later we were able to take him home.

The doctors said that while they can not be 100% certain, he will most likely NOT have any long term disabilities, which is very different from the first diagnosis we received in the beginning (that Doctor made it sound like a death sentence).

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for all of your prayers! I think we all made a loud noise in heaven! besides being tired from having a newborn baby we are all doing very well at home. We are very paranoid at any and every little thing he does or doesn’t do, I mean who can blame us? but over all Jonah is a healthy little baby boy and he is our proof the God still performs miracles, the odds were against him but God never let go of him or us. He has answered our prayers!

<3 Kelsey, Patrick & Jonah


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