A little nervous….

Kelsey has been coming to the NICU every morning and staying until I get here after work and she stays with me until we leave. She is such a great Mom already!

Today when she was here she noticed that the skin around Jonahs shunt on the right side of his head was puffy. It feels like there is some extra fluid around the shunt. She was concerned so she brought it up to the nurse. The nurse brought it up to the NICU doctor and the NICU doctor called the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon said she will come in tomorrow morning and check it out. The NS did not seem extremely concerned but we’re still a little freaked out.  We are very nervous because we don’t want Jonah to have to have another surgery already. We are well aware that shunts can malfunction, but this one has only been in for 2 weeks. Please continue to lift Jonah up in prayer.



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