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A little nervous….

Kelsey has been coming to the NICU every morning and staying until I get here after work and she stays with me until we leave. She is such a great Mom already!

Today when she was here she noticed that the skin around Jonahs shunt on the right side of his head was puffy. It feels like there is some extra fluid around the shunt. She was concerned so she brought it up to the nurse. The nurse brought it up to the NICU doctor and the NICU doctor called the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon said she will come in tomorrow morning and check it out. The NS did not seem extremely concerned but we’re still a little freaked out.  We are very nervous because we don’t want Jonah to have to have another surgery already. We are well aware that shunts can malfunction, but this one has only been in for 2 weeks. Please continue to lift Jonah up in prayer.



Delivery Day!!

So here we are, the night before Kelsey is having a C-section. What a wild ride we have been on over the last couple of months. There has been so much joy and happiness mixed with fear and uncertainty. And here we are the night before we get to meet our precious baby boy Jonah.

The C-section is scheduled for 8am, we have to be at the hospital at 6am. Poor Kelsey can’t eat or drink anything after midnight (I don’t think she’ll notice it being on ambien, she was saying crazy things in her sleep last night). After Jonah is born if the C-Section goes well, I will go with Jonah to the Nicu. If there are any complications with the C-section or Kelsey justs wants me to stay with her for any reason, I will just have to trust the doctors to take care of our baby.

Jonah will get some time out of eutoro before he has to go into surgery. The pediatric neuro surgeoun will be there in the morning to evaluate Jonah and give us a clearer picture of what is actually going on inside of his little head. Jonah will most likely have surgery around or after 2 pm.

The 4 mile stones tommorow that I am hoping for are these. First, I want to hear Jonahs sweet baby cry. Second, I want to hear that  Kelsey surgery went very well. Third I want to hear that Jonah has aquaductal stinosis (or that he is perfectly healed, that would work better). And finally I want the Neuro Surgeoun to come out of the operating room with Jonah and tell me his surgery went very well, and that he is a fighter!

Kelsey and I want to thank all of our Family and Friends who have been a tremndous support for us throught this trying and scary time. Please continue to pray for us. It is not too late for Jonah to be healed. Pray for Kelseys heart and peace and for her surgery to go well, and please pray for Jonahs safety as well!

In Love,



8 days….

Holy connoli in 8 days we will have our precious baby Jonah!

I got my first steroid shot today. Right in the rear! the poke didnt hurt but it was very itchy lol… I guess thats the least  of my worries. Im glad that they are able to do the steroids to get his lungs developed! Im so excited to see him and hold him, Im super nervous for the c section and his surgery though.. has anyone else ever watched a csection? ITS GROSS!!! after they take the baby out, they like take your uterus out and set it on your stomach to inspect it.. and then the just shove it back in, and it doesnt even look like they are being super gentle with it either… I asked my Doctor if they really do that and she was like  ” oh yeah, they just need to inspect it and clean it up a bit and then they’ll put it right back in ya…” she said this so casually… I could never be a surgeon… Anyhoo I am having the csection @ 8 am on the 17th. Jonah will be having his surgery @ 2pm. This only gives me a few precious hours before they take him away from me :( .

Please be praying that everything goes well and that Jonah will be perfectly healthy in all other aspects and that he has a speedy recovery!!


New News

SO our last appointment went, well not so well. I have to have my c section August 17th. A whole month early. His head is measuring 40 weeks and i am only 33. Im scared and nervous. I dont really want to say anymore right now. Ill write more later


NEW appointment today @ 215

So today we have an appointment @ 2:15… We find out today when we have to have the csection…. Im excited and also nervous. Please be praying that his fluid levels have either stayed the same or went down. the longer he can cook in there the better.Last night it was hard to sleep, just anxious for today. The night before I couldnt sleep because the AC went out…  The next time Im pregnant Im going to make sure Im the most pregnant during the winter, because that was seriously miserable. anyhoo, like I said please be praying for his fluid levels but also just that I get to keep him. Even if he does have some disabilities or a shunt I dont care I Just want to be able to bring him home and have him in my life. SO please be praying for his overall health. Thank you so much for everyones support! we are truly grateful for it, Jonah doesnt know this but he’s already a miracle. He has already made mine and so many others prayer lives better. I dont know about any of you but I definitely wasnt praying as much as I needed to before this. Jonah has helped me reconnect with God. Ok well I have to get going to work. Wish I could just sleep again. UGH I’m so exhausted.