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Our Miracle Baby!

Wow! We are so blessed! We went to the doctors for Jonahs CT scan today and the appointment could not have been better! The day Jonah was born, they did an ultra sound and saw that there was no brain mass because of the fluid build up. Well today, the CT scan showed a fully developed brain. We can not express how grateful we are for everyone’s prayer and support! We had thousands of people praying for Jonah from all over the world and we know that God has heard our prayer and made our son whole! Thank you Jesus!

Love, Patrick and Kelsey!

The pictures below are not from Jonah, but they show exactly the difference in what Jonahs brain looked like the day he was born, and today! If you look at the ultra sound you can see how large to ventricles are becasue of the amount of fluid in them, which means the fluid is there and not the brain.


Praise God, He Heard Our Cry!

On August 17th around 9:30am Jonah Patrick Allen came into this world kicking and screaming weighing 6lbs 7ounces. Let me tell you, the first time you hear your sweet baby cry it will melt your heart. That was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.
After we got to hold him for just a brief moment, Jonah was taken off to the NICU, and not much later taken into surgery. He ended up spending over 3 weeks in the hospital. The biggest issue we had while we were in the hospital was getting him to eat on his own, in retrospect that was the least of our worries considering all of the fears we were facing during the pregnancy. At about 3 weeks Jonahs eating light bulb turned on and he started eating everything on his own. Two days later we were able to take him home.

The doctors said that while they can not be 100% certain, he will most likely NOT have any long term disabilities, which is very different from the first diagnosis we received in the beginning (that Doctor made it sound like a death sentence).

Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for all of your prayers! I think we all made a loud noise in heaven! besides being tired from having a newborn baby we are all doing very well at home. We are very paranoid at any and every little thing he does or doesn’t do, I mean who can blame us? but over all Jonah is a healthy little baby boy and he is our proof the God still performs miracles, the odds were against him but God never let go of him or us. He has answered our prayers!

<3 Kelsey, Patrick & Jonah


Just a little scare….

We were nervous about the shunt and fluid leaking out but it turns out, that it nothing to be worried about. Some shunts take a little bit of time to create a good seal which will be formed through scar tissue and such. The NS said it is nothing to be worried about but to keep an eye on it.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers!


Jonah with the hiccups


A little nervous….

Kelsey has been coming to the NICU every morning and staying until I get here after work and she stays with me until we leave. She is such a great Mom already!

Today when she was here she noticed that the skin around Jonahs shunt on the right side of his head was puffy. It feels like there is some extra fluid around the shunt. She was concerned so she brought it up to the nurse. The nurse brought it up to the NICU doctor and the NICU doctor called the neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon said she will come in tomorrow morning and check it out. The NS did not seem extremely concerned but we’re still a little freaked out.  We are very nervous because we don’t want Jonah to have to have another surgery already. We are well aware that shunts can malfunction, but this one has only been in for 2 weeks. Please continue to lift Jonah up in prayer.



Almost Home!

Jonah has been here for almost two weeks. He is still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until he can take all of his feedings through breast feeding or a bottle. He still is needing a little over half of his feedings through a tube that goes through his nose to his stomach. The nurses tell us, that most babies have a light turn on and they just start taking all of there food.

He is  our little miracle baby. Things are going very well for him. He will have his check up with the nuero surgeon in a few weeks and than he will have an MRI in a few months to see how his brain is developing. Please continue to pray for Jonah. Thank you so much for you continued prayers for our little baby!


So Amazing!

What a last few days these have been! Being able to hold Jonah and feed him and watch him laying in Kelsey’s arms has been one of the most rewarding times in my life. Jonah is doing well. He’s pooping, peeing, breathing. He has been put in the graduate nursery which is super great. The shunt that was put in is really helping with the extra fluid in his head. He still needs some care. We can not take him home until he is gaining weight and he is holding his own temperature up and his Jaundice is gone. Yes, I didn’t mention that yet, but yeah he has Jaundice, which if your not familiar with it, it is not a big deal.

We are very blessed to have Jonah in our lives and the staff at the hospital taking care of him. And we have been very blessed by the amazing support we have recieved from everyone.

There was a little boy in NICU that came in that is 24 weeks gestation. He is so tiny. Kelsey and  I have been praying for this little boy named Landon and his family when we pray Jonah and we wanted to ask people to be praying for this little boy and his mom and dad and the rest of the family. And please continue to pray for Jonah and Kelsey. Pray for a speedy and healthy recovery for Kelsey and Jonah, they both had very serious surgery. Please continue to pray for Jonahs overall healing and health and development. And please add Landon to the list! Thank you all for your support and prayers!

If any of this does not make sense I apologize, I haven’t slept in the last four days but a wink here and there so I’m a little delirious. But I wanted to give an update.




Surgery Went Well!

Wow! What a day….Thank God! Jonahs surgery went very well! Kelsey has graduated to postpartum! I asked God for four things today and all four of those things have happened! I will give an updated more detailed description later on tonight, but for now,THANK YOU JESUS FOR KEEPING KELSEY AND JONAH SAFE and THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS AND SUPPORT!


Jonah Is Here, now Surgery….

Jonah has joined us in this world. Sometime between 8:30 am and 9am….He was delivered C-section at 35 weeks and he weighs 6 lbs 7 ounces.  He measures 19 3/4 inches.

So far I have heard 2 1/2 of the 4 things I am wanting to hear. I heard Jonahs cry when he came out, Kelsey’s surgery went well and the Neuro Surgeon said things are still pointing toward aqueductal stenosis.

Kelsey is in some pain because the meds are wearing out way to fast, so they are going to put her on a patient controlled drip.

Jonah is headed off to surgery now, it is starting right after 1 O’clock. They are going to be putting in a shunt. He is doing really well overall on all other accounts. Please pray for him during his surgery!


Thank You!





Delivery Day!!

So here we are, the night before Kelsey is having a C-section. What a wild ride we have been on over the last couple of months. There has been so much joy and happiness mixed with fear and uncertainty. And here we are the night before we get to meet our precious baby boy Jonah.

The C-section is scheduled for 8am, we have to be at the hospital at 6am. Poor Kelsey can’t eat or drink anything after midnight (I don’t think she’ll notice it being on ambien, she was saying crazy things in her sleep last night). After Jonah is born if the C-Section goes well, I will go with Jonah to the Nicu. If there are any complications with the C-section or Kelsey justs wants me to stay with her for any reason, I will just have to trust the doctors to take care of our baby.

Jonah will get some time out of eutoro before he has to go into surgery. The pediatric neuro surgeoun will be there in the morning to evaluate Jonah and give us a clearer picture of what is actually going on inside of his little head. Jonah will most likely have surgery around or after 2 pm.

The 4 mile stones tommorow that I am hoping for are these. First, I want to hear Jonahs sweet baby cry. Second, I want to hear that  Kelsey surgery went very well. Third I want to hear that Jonah has aquaductal stinosis (or that he is perfectly healed, that would work better). And finally I want the Neuro Surgeoun to come out of the operating room with Jonah and tell me his surgery went very well, and that he is a fighter!

Kelsey and I want to thank all of our Family and Friends who have been a tremndous support for us throught this trying and scary time. Please continue to pray for us. It is not too late for Jonah to be healed. Pray for Kelseys heart and peace and for her surgery to go well, and please pray for Jonahs safety as well!

In Love,